How to Safely Pack Your Apartment for your San Diego Move

How to Safely Pack Your Apartment for your San Diego Move

Getting ready to move can elicit a bag of mixed emotions. Moving is like saying ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ It can be overwhelming and stressful. To keep yourself levelheaded through the process, think of all the things you’ll find in the new city. San Diego is a coastal city in southern of California, known for its great weather and stunning beaches.

Think of how you’ll whirl down time in the new city surfing, kayaking, or paddle boarding. Also think of all the wonderful places you can visit like Balboa Park, San Diego breweries, and other such attractions.

It’s not just that -the coastal city which will be your new home, is known for its vibrant lifestyle and culture.
Moving can be a crazy affair especially when it is done in a hurry. To be on the safer side, plan early to ensure that you safely pack your apartment for a move into San Diego.

Here’s a guide on how to safely pack your apartment for your San Diego move.

When it comes to moving, organization is essential. Start early enough and allow yourself time to think about all that you’ll need to carry. This gives you an opportunity to create a room-by-room checklist that you can use in organizing things around. Additionally, by starting early you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Have a Packing Plan

Moving isn’t just about getting to your new destination. It is also about getting acquainted with your new surroundings and settling into your new home. As such, it is important to ensure that you have a packing plan. Create a room-by-room checklist to help you get things organized. Do not forget to pack items that you’ll need right away when you get into your new apartment.

Have Your Supplies Ready

Imagine packing your things in unlabeled boxes and then having to unpack to look for something later. As you get ready to move to San Diego, get your packing supplies ready as soon as you can. Having packing supplies in hand makes the process easier for you. Get items such as boxes of different sizes, tape, scissors, bubble wraps, and markers in hand to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.


Moving away also means letting go. You can donate some items to a charity, give them away to friends, or even make a last-minute sale to give you an extra buck.

How to Pack Kitchen Items

Packing your kitchen items can be hectic – with all the items there are and with their irregular shapes and delicate nature, it can sometimes get frustrating. However, with the right mindset and preparation, you can still pack your kitchen essentials like a pro and make your packing experience a breeze.

To get started, get organized.

  • Give away all the foodstuff and other items that may cause accidental spills as you move.
  • Get the necessary packing boxes. For your kitchen, you may need a different assortment of boxes which you can easily get from retail shops that specialize in moving.
  • Ensure that you have emptied and cleaned all kitchen appliances such as the blender, and coffee maker amongst others. Pack the kitchen appliances in their original boxes if you still have them before putting them in a larger box.
  • Dishes and other delicate kitchenware should be wrapped in bubble wrap. You can also use newspapers and other kitchen towels to wrap delicate items such as wine glasses, vases, etc.

Tip: Prepare an essentials box by setting aside items that you’ll need to use when you first arrive in your new apartment or before you leave the old apartment. This ensures that you do not keep going through packed boxes to get essential items such as cutlery or plates for a meal.

How to Pack Beddings/Bedroom

Bedroom essentials are tricky to pack. You’ll still need somewhere to lay your head up to the last minute before you leave for San Diego. This makes it difficult to pack up things like the bed and the mattress that you use. However, it is important to ensure that you clean most of your bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and blankets on the days leading up to your move. 

Pack them in a box or waterproof bag to ensure that you still have clean bedding items when you get into your new home.
Packing the bedroom furniture isn’t easy. The services of a moving company will come in handy. However, if you have not enlisted the services of a moving company, be sure to call on family and friends to help you with packing the bedroom furniture that you’ll need to carry.

How to Pack TV/Living Room Essentials

The living room in any home is the life of the party. It is the place where the family gathers and shares the most precious moments. Packing a living room should be handled with utmost care as you want to carry the same spirit that has been here into your new home. From the smart TV to the precious paintings, family portraits, and other valuable items that hold sentimental value, you need to keep everything intact.

  • Use small blankets and towels to wrap up paintings, family portraits, mirrors, and other wall hangings before placing them in a labeled box.
  • Pack the TV, and other electronics in their original boxes which have buffer protection.
  • Light bulbs and other special chandeliers should be wrapped up separately and placed into the right size boxes.

How to Pack Outdoor Furniture/Garage Items

  • The garage is often neglected when moving. The outdoor furniture can also be easily forgotten.
  • Do not forget to remove items such as charcoal, old tires, and tanks from your garage.
  • Make sure that you keep your toolbox aside in a labeled box as you never know when you’ll need them next.
  • Ensure that you cover any sharp tools with cardboard or place them in their special cases.
  • Clean up the outdoor furniture and break down the heavier furniture for easy moving.


How to Pack Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one space that holds so many small items. Think of toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, make-up, and even medication.

The items in the bathroom are delicate and can easily spill and cause damage to other items. To avoid such accidents,

  • Seal or give away cleaning supplies.
  • Pack essentials in a bag and place other items in properly labeled boxes/bags.

 Moving is never easy but there are things that you can do to make your experience less chaotic and ensure that you safely pack your apartment. Get started early, label your boxes and when the moving day comes, ensure that you are involved in the whole process of packing into the moving truck. Heavy and bulky items should be placed first before placing the lighter boxes in the rest of the space.

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