San Diego’s best pool table movers

Blue Dog Moving is San Diego’s best pool table movers. We are the number one experts in our field. We know what to do and, most importantly, what not to do. Top-rated, affordable, and passionate about helping the community of San Diego. As San Diego natives, we have built a solid reputation. People know what they’re getting when they call us. Quality service at an affordable price.

What more can you ask for? As a matter of fact, over half of our customers re-hire us. Highly recommended by people all over San Diego County. From real estate agents to pool halls, people always have something positive to say about us, for good reason. We treat our customers the way they deserve to be treated. Not only do we respect them, but we also respect their personal belongings. Nothing makes us more happy than putting a smile on their face after the end of every job.


Don't Choose Just Any Company - Choose the Right One

Some people search far and wide to find the right company. Some search through Yelp listings and others on Google. How you find the company is less relevant, but what’s more important is finding quality service. You want a company that won’t overcharge you and will do an outstanding job.

 Blue Dog Moving will ensure you get the best of both worlds. You shouldn’t expect anything less. This world is too competitive to settle. We always get good feedback from our customers telling us they were happy with their choice. Nothing makes us feel better hearing this. It gives us a reason to continue doing what we love.

San Diego’s best pool table movers

Precision leveling is guaranteed with every move

Professional pool players require their pool table to be extremely level. Therefore, their Pool tables need to be leveled with a high-grade machinist level. This ensures that every shot you take is accurate. Well, this depends on how good you are at the pool. We don’t want you blaming the pool table that’s for sure.

 All professional pool table movers will have a machinist level at their disposal. They’re not cheap but are worth every penny. It’s worth hiring a professional company that has one, and knows how to properly use it. Pool table moving is a craft and we have spent years mastering it. 

San Diego’s best pool table movers

San Diego’s best pool table movers - services we offer

Blue Dog Moving offers a wide range of moving services. We can put new felt, level, and move your pool table with ease. There’s no job too big or small. All customers will be treated equally. Fast and simple process guaranteed.

 Why are we San Diego’s best pool table movers? Well, we’ll let you answer that question next time you call us. If you need any pool table moved, improved, or disposed of. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be glad to service you.

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