The Cost of Piano Movers in San Diego

What words come to mind when you think of moving pianos? Fragile, cumbersome, and expensive are on top of my mind. When it comes to moving pianos, planning is essential due to the size, fragile nature, and cost of a piano. Whether you have a valuable upright piano or a concert piano you need the right team to transport them safely. The moving partner you choose should be ready to offer impeccable disassembly, transport, reassembly, and storage options.

Moving a piano locally can cost between $150 to $650 total, or $1.50 to $3.00 per mile plus a $50 base rate. Moving a grand piano costs more as it requires more experts as well as specialized equipment.

The average cost of piano movers in San Diego is between $300 and $600. The variations come in due to several factors that influence the final cost of hiring professional movers to transport your instrument. These factors include:

Type of Piano

The type of piano affects the overall amount you pay for the move. Pianos come in different sizes and shapes and also vary in weight. They also come in different heights which means they may require different equipment, modes of transport as well as number of movers. For example, while upright pianos are relatively compact and weigh about 300 lbs, a concert piano can weigh a whopping 1400 lbs.

See the table below for a more appropriate estimate of the costs.

Type of Piano

Average Cost of Moving



Snipet Piano


Baby Grand


Grand Piano




Concert Grand Piano

Above $450

Age of the Piano

Do you have a precious instrument that has been passed down from generation to generation? Or perhaps you just purchased a classical at an auction. Traditional pianos feature more moving parts and wood pieces. A slight mistake can lead to minor damages affecting the quality of music the piano plays. Aged pianos require specialized handling due to their delicate nature. As a result, the cost of moving an aged piano is higher than the normal average. This allows the moving experts to ensure safety and secure delivery.


Piano owners often get anxious when they think about how movers will negotiate stairways, multiple floors, and narrow hallways. If your piano move requires tricky maneuvers such as climbing a steep flight of stairs or navigating around structural obstacles then this kind of move is classified as a difficult move. It takes the finesse of experts to execute this type of piano moves and for this, they will charge extra! The rates highly depend on how much such maneuvers are expected to affect the time and resources spent.

Required Services

Not all uprights require disassembly. However, this service is a must if you own a concert piano. Every important part, including the lyre, pedals, legs, and piano lid, must be disassembled and warped with extreme care by expert piano movers. To make your moving experience more seamless, some movers also offer special crating and storage services. The overall cost of the move is dependent on the services that you require. The more services you require, the more the cost goes up.

The Distance of the Move

Local piano moves are typically cheaper compared to long-distance moves. While interstate moves are billed based on weight and distance of the move, local move are charged by the hour.

Because a piano is an expensive item, it must be moved carefully. Local moves typically cost between $200 and $400, but long-distance moves can cost thousands of dollars, or even up to $ 2500 for grand pianos, depending on how far you need it transported!

Piano Moving Services in San Diego

Dealing with kids, work and the transition of moving into a new place is hard enough. Thinking about moving a treasured item such as a piano without causing it any damage can lead to stress. Instead of shouldering the burden, reaching out to a piano moving company can save you the headache. Most moving companies are within reach online. In a few clicks, you can have fully vetted team of experts handle the disassembly, wrapping, crating, transportation, delivery, and even storage of your piano – all this without having to break a sweat!

Some of the services offered by piano moving companies include:

Piano Disassembly

Whether you own a baby grand or a concert piano, you need expert hands to help you with disassembly. San Diego moving companies will take every precaution to gently take apart, wrap, and deliver all the components of your cherished instrument in one piece.

Special Piano Moving Equipment

Pianos are cumbersome and therefore difficult to move – a concert version can weight up to 1,400 pounds making them more difficult to transport. That’s why piano owners must work with highly seasoned and knowledgeable movers in San Diego to ensure that the pianos reach their new destinations safely.

Piano Storage

There are a number of reasons why you may require storage services for your piano. You may simply be moving or long distance or might need to prepare adequate space for this special item before bringing it home. Most reputable movers in San Diego will provide storage services that cater for required humidity and temperature levels necessary for pianos. They will also ensure that they provide the highest level of security.

Local Piano Moving

It’s easy to feel like a local relocation should be easy. While the distance between your old and new residence might be short, there might be other challenges such as maneuver of narrow hallways, stairways or some other structural obstacles.

Long Distance Piano Moving

Moving a piano across town is one thing. But moving it across the city amplifies the risk.  This process consists of two main parts that need to be done expertly: the actual move-in and the transportation.

Piano Reassembly

Is there anything more difficult than dismantling an expensive piano? Yes. Reassembling it. Having a team of experts to help you in this process is the right choice.

Moving pianos is an expensive affair. The cost of piano movers in San Diego ranges depending on all the above factors. However, having your piano moved swiftly and placed right where you want it without a scratch is worth every penny!

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