Cheap Piano Movers in National City

Cheap Piano Movers in National City

The Piano Mover National City team is one of the best in their industry. Whether you need piano moving services for the entire family or just someone to help move your baby grand, we have you covered. We can also provide piano tuning services if you are looking to bring your piano back to its former glory. Read more to learn about the best piano movers in the national city.

Learn about us

Blue Dog Moving is a piano moving company that has been in business for over 5 years. We are a family-owned and operated company, licensed and insured by the State of California. We strive to provide professional service at an affordable price. Our goal is to give you peace of mind when relocating your piano or other large items from one location to another.

Why choose us?

Blue Dog Moving is a family-owned and operated business. The following are some of the reasons you should choose us:


The cost of moving a piano depends on the size and type of piano. The cost of moving a grand piano will be much more than a baby grand, but it’s also much less than an upright. If you have any questions about whether or not your piano could be moved safely, ask us! Our moving specialists can give you an estimate based on what type of instrument is involved.


Blue Dog Moving has been in business for over 20 years and has moved hundreds of pianos. We have also moved thousands of pianos to thousands of homes. We are confident that our expertise, experience, and knowledge can help you find the right piano mover for your needs.

Flexibility and Timelines

Flexibility and timeliness are important when you’re looking for a piano mover. You want to be sure that your piano will be moved on time, on time, and with the utmost attention to detail. For example, if you need your piano moved quickly without any additional charges or fees, we can help! We understand how busy life can be, so our service is always available whenever you need it, and we provide 24/7 emergency services as well!

Licensed and Insured

It is important to know that Blue Dog Moving are licensed and insured. This means that they have a license to operate and insurance coverage for damages caused by their work, so you can rest assured that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.

Blue Dog Moving also have liability insurance coverage in case there’s an accident on the job site. If someone gets hurt while moving your piano, Blue Dog Moving would be able to make good on any medical bills.

Professional Staff

Blue Dog Moving has a team of professional movers that can help you move your piano. If you are looking for a piano moving company in National City, California, we are the right choice for your needs. Our team is made up of experienced and certified professionals who will work hard to get the job done right. We will ensure that all parts of your move are handled carefully so that nothing gets damaged or misplaced during transit.

Reliable Services

Our reputation is good, and we have been in business for many years. That’s why you can trust us with your piano moving needs! We have a good track record of delivering on our promises and providing excellent customer service when it comes to piano moving services, as well as insurance coverage for both the movers and their customers. Our technicians are all highly trained and licensed professionals who will make sure that your prized possessions arrive safely at their new homes.

Services Offered By Blue Dog Moving

As a piano moving company, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible. We understand that your piano is an important part of your home and family, so it’s important that we take care of everything from start to finish.

We offer:

  • Piano moving & storage in National City, San Diego, and surrounding areas.

  • Delivery services for pianos across San Diego County.

Benefits of Choosing Blue Dog Moving

At Blue Dog Moving, we pride ourselves on being able to give each customer the best experience possible when moving their piano or keyboards around town. Our goal is to make sure that our customers feel comfortable with us from start to finish.

What Sets Us Apart from Other guys.

When you hire us, you can expect the following:

A family-owned business. We are a family run business and are always willing to work with our customers to make sure that your piano is moved safely and efficiently.

Insurance coverage for your piano or other valuable property. We have insurance coverage in place so that if something happens during the move, we will be compensated for damages incurred by your valuable property. In addition, there’s no need to worry about paying any fines or penalties because we’ll take care of everything!

Licensed professionals who have been trained in both piano moving techniques as well as safety procedures specific to moving pianos.

The Process of Moving a Piano with Blue Dog Moving

If you’re looking to move your piano from its current location to a new home, the process can be quite simple. The first step is to discuss your needs with our team and find out what we can do for you. We will then survey the location where your piano needs to be moved and come up with a plan for how we can move it.

Our team then prepares for the move by assessing the equipment needed and making sure it is safe to travel on our trucks. We will also make sure that all other items that need to be moved are removed from the property before beginning work on your piano. Once everything is ready, we will load the truck with all furniture and equipment needed for the move and head out! Once we arrive at your new home or workplace, we unload all of our items so that you can get started unpacking everything into your new space. Once this has been done, we will then set up your piano in its new location so that it is ready when you want it!


At Blue Dog Moving, our goal is to make moving your piano as easy and affordable as possible. If you’re searching for piano movers in San Diego that are inexpensive, environmentally conscious, and reliable, you’ve come to the right place. Our vehicle fleet is equipped to handle the job without any accidents and is absolute safety while transporting pianos all across the greater San Diego area.

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